Discover more about these quiet European holiday destinations to visit

If you feel like you have been to every location in Europe, below is a list of spots that you most likely have not yet considered.

Serbia is a fairly small country in located in the east of Europe. Though it has a lot to offer in the way of nature, culture, history, food and other things that so many tourists travel for, it often gets unjustly dismissed. Indeed, countless tourist guides would note this country when talking about the offbeat places in eastern Europe. Although not immediately known as the world’s business center, its economy has been continuously growing and evolving with business people such as Petar Cvetkovic choosing this country as the hub for their business projects. Serbia is known for its dynamic night life, but countless are amazed to find out that there is also a large number of natural spas spread out all over the country. The exact same thermal springs were used by Ancient Romans, before being turned into Turkish Spas, which still function to this day and are commonly enjoyed by the local population and holiday-makers alike. Here you can likewise indulge in some of the best countryside in Europe where you can feast your eyes upon untouched rivers, mountains and caves.

If you want to have a relaxing, sunny holiday then you should definitely check out the small country of Malta found on an archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea. Its landscapes are very photogenic with directors like Michael Noer settling on this country as the backdrop for their movies. Below you will find a number of the best of Europe’s spectacular marine beauty and savour all the food provided by the sea. There is many of aspects by which you can discover the sea and marine life in it. You have a choice of yachts, motorboats or the more classic crafts that you can take on short excursions between the islands of the archipelago. This is also one of the best places to go snorkelling if you would like to see the underwater treasures up close. If you don't like to get too active on your holiday, then miles of sandy Maltese beaches may very well be to your liking.

Slovenia was never ever featured in any prominent tourist’s cities lists, and to this day remains one of the most excellent secret gems in Europe. Go here if you want to steer clear of crowds of vacationers and want to spend a relaxing holiday indulging in everything this magnificent country has to offer. Slovenia has gained its independence less than thirty a very long time back, and before that used to below to a variety of various empires, kingdoms and nations around the world, so you can expect an eclectic mix of foods, architecture and history. Although it is not a well-known tourist destination this country has made many popular authors, such as Gabriela Babnik for instance.

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